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Have we violated any WIAA rules? If student is an undergraduate and has hopes of playing any more WIAA sports during this school year - Do not use this photo until you have brought it past the school's AD. An athlete can be identified as an athlete — by text, by apparel, by props.

An amateur status violation is career ending for a high school student. Lastly, you should always consult with the local athletic director on matters that could affect school sport eligibility. The game would only involve seniors that have finished playing their high school basketball career. The club asked me to check into a few things for them so I am forwarding this info on to you. If they want to play the game sometime after the State Tournament, is there a deadline as to when they can play the game during the school year?

I believe seniors are OK to play even if they are spring sport athletes, correct? They also gave me a copy of a "Q and A" from sometime past concerning all-star games. The Q and A references Art. IV, a question concerning this article is the following: Can a high school coach only coach a team if none of the players on either team are out for a spring sport? This is very clear from the Bylaws Art. IV which stems from our members fundamental opposition to all-star events; which they had viewed as exploitive of students.

There is not a deadline for seniors to participate in the game as you have proposed.

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They've requested pictures of our team playing there so that they can put them on their field website. Is this OK? My impression so far is that they want to have a photo section that shows various pictures of the many teams that use the field. Not sure if they are selling advertising on this site to outside businesses. Would that be a factor in determining acceptability? Is it OK to put pictures of our athletes on such a card? What's on the site, how the photos are used is essential to know and see before being able to say.

Selling advertising is only one of the concerns in this type of idea. The recognition may be afforded without peril. But school administration and coaches must have oversight. In the case I referred to at WADA, an area TV station and an area pizza vendor - under the guise of selecting a "team of the week" picked several area HS's over the course of the fall season and when the team was notified they were team of the week and would receive a pizza dinner for the team which can be allowed — Bylaws Art. XI, Sect 2A. The pizza arrived but so did a video camera which was given to the students.

The students were asked to shoot several minutes of video which was then placed on the internet. What appeared on the internet was seen only as an advertisement for the pizza co. With some education of students, oversight by coaches and AD's and the business promotions staff a lot of distress and a year of probation could have been avoided. I looked at the Handbook to make sure this was not an amateur status violation and was not sure after reading it over a few times. Could you please clarify?

We have some kids that are involved in wrestling and basketball. The last thing I want to do is jeopardize those seasons. See Sr. High Handbook, Art. XI, Sect, 2A p. Her mother would like to solicit sponsors to help defray the costs of these trips. Does that endanger the runner, a junior, of her amateur status? A student can be reimbursed actual and necessary costs associated with competition.

That might be achieved without peril through solicitation. Are there any restrictions outlined by the WIAA? Does the WIAA have any statements regarding advertising at games? They can take on many forms. Some may be specific skill of sport performance, others like an egg or water balloon toss - having nothing to do with skill of sport performance. Depending on how a student is provided access to the opportunity - whether by random draw, or by simply purchase a ticket and everyone gets a chance to play, as well as what a student will be doing in the contest will determine what a student athlete might be allowed to receive for winning.

Of course for adults and non- students, WIAA rules and amateur status provisions have no bearing. In addition, what you choose to do during your own school's regular season will otherwise be largely up to you. Here is some discussion about random draw based contests for some additional detail. You are always most wise to take a "wide berth" around amateur status concerns. With respect to the "lucky ticket holder" and random draws - the rules say an athlete may not receive benefit as a result of "being an athlete" The league consists of teams from three communities.

None of these players play basketball at the high school, but most participate in other WIAA sponsored sports. They simply join this winter league and play at church gyms within the communities. Is it acceptable for the winning team and second place team in the tournament at the end of the season to receive a sweatshirt first place and a t-shirt second place?

I have read the "Amateur Status" requirements and stipulations, but am still uncertain. Sweatshirts have not been approved. See Bylaws, Art. XI, Sect. Important: On the other hand, however, even though student plays school football, basketball and baseball — golfing with dad or buddy in summer event — hits closest to the pin and wins a sleeve of balls, or sandwich at the club house, or a new drive, e. My question is, is it allowable to pay them as we would an adult line judge?

A student may be employed and you may compensate them. The only potential for assertion of inappropriateness comes when student is picked because they are the 'best' jv player s. Opportunity for the job should be available to any interested, and selected based on knowledge and ability to perform the work, not based on athletic abilities. She attended the meet, but her trip was paid for by Hershey. Is this a violation of amateur status? ROE, Art. IV Amateur Status provides in section B-1a. They do meet the criteria for free and reduced lunches. The questions are: 1 Can the sport booster club cover their fees for them or would this take away their amateur status?

We view this as costs associated with competition. The boosters should gift the school the necessary dollars that would meet this need. Some schools have this policy. Will this affect that student's amateur status? Is there a violation there?

The t-shirts would not mention the name of the business. Also, can a parent buy those same players a key chain celebrating their win of the same tournament?

At present, a key chain is not. They are the only players on the team that are still in high school. I have been told that they may play on this team as long as they DO NOT accept any prize money that may be given out at the end of the tournament even if the other members of the team accept the money. Is this correct? That's correct information. A student may not accept, receive or direct to another - cash or merchandise award.

Would recommend you also discuss this with your school's AD. I was emancipated from my parents and now I live on my own. However, life in the city is hard, and I decided that I am going to move to a small-town school. Before I actually do this, I just wanted to know if I would be able to play basketball in the new school if I make the team? He was given a position through the Park and Rec Dept.

He plays on a varsity high school tennis team in the spring. Is there any conflict? Students can be employed in this manner — by rec depts. YMCA, country clubs, aquatic centers, etc. They just can not be self-employed in giving sport skills instruction. I know there is not a problem with this, but can they put advertisements on the posters to help pay for the cost of the posters? If they were to make a profit from the sale of posters, would this be a violation of the WIAA policies?

Fundamentally when you look at a poster — what's it conveying? So long as it's crystal clear that the local businesses are supporting team, school program — it's generally not been seen as a problem. If the posters are sold and proceeds placed in a booster or school account as a fund raising initiative — that has not presented amateur status concerns for the athletes. We have a few examples of posters on file that created problems for the athletes appearing in them.

If you wish us to preview your poster in advance of it going to print — will do so gladly — if provided enough time. The letter to them indicated that their son may be considered for the baseball draft next week. Is it OK for them to contact this firm to get more information? Certainly, advise the student to not sign any contract with an agent or professional sport team until they're done with school sports.

He is the only player of high school age and does not directly receive the money. There are a number of HS student golfers, e. The student can compete - but just for competition's sake. The student and parents might wish to take some added measures to educate and create awareness that the student is an amateur and may not accept, receive or direct to another, cash or merchandise awards. If a high school athlete were given such an award, would that jeopardize their WIAA eligibility?

Obviously, since your event is held Aug. Is there anything that would prohibit us from doing that considering that we are only a private school? I was unable to locate one on the website. If not, what is the process? With respect to interstate competition; there is no form. High Handbook, Bylaw Art. II, Sect. If so, has the event received sanctioning? Are participating schools high schools? Are all schools members of their state association? In this case, with only four schools involved, disregard the first two points — the event would NOT require sanctioning.

Also, include the dates the event will be held. Would we consider this an event rather than two competitions? Is this a violation? I would like clarification. It's names on a t-shirt. Violates amateur status provisions. Career ending. High Handbook, p. IV, Section B. To paraphrase; a student can be employed - but not self-employed in sport skills instruction.

The only interest is from a junior volleyball player and a graduating senior player. Or for the graduating senior if she is paid as well? I have read through the amateur status section and am still unclear as it says they may not accept any cash or merchandise for achievement in athletics. Thus — since the Association does not presently sponsor interscholastic bowling amateur status restrictions do not apply. Same as we do not sponsor lumberjack events, bass fishing, snowmobiling, motocross, bmx or rodeo, e. Important: On the other hand however - Even though student plays school football, basketball and baseball — and then while golfing with dad or buddy in summer event hits closest to the pin and wins a sleeve of balls, or sandwich at the club house, or a new driver, e.

They have a picture of a football player with a WIAA high school jersey with a number in the commercial. This individual is actually a university student non-athlete, non-paid actor. Whether paid or unpaid - A college student has no high school eligibility. He is not a full-time student at a member school and subsequently, is not subject to WIAA rules of eligibility. You were wise to use an actor — we are happy for that — but I am confused and question only the timing of seeking clarification as evidently the commercials have already been aired?

His son is interested in participating in video game tournaments. Tournaments are large and small, individual and team with varying cash and material prizes. I am not sure this is considered a sport or even falls under WIAA rules. He has the potential to be sponsored by various companies as he progresses.

He is working on local and national sponsorship right now. Or is it like modeling or working a job. Are there restrictions on his competition? What prizes can he accept and maintain his WIAA eligibility? This same interpretation is provided and applicable when asked about bowling, motocross, BMX, snowmobile racing, lumberjack olympics, rodeo and bass pro, etc. The amateur status rule would be enforced in an event such as an iron man triathlon! We do sponsor swim and running competition. She did not receive state level recognition. Must be returned — if student is intending to participate in interscholastic athletics now or in the future.

If not returned, student will be ineligible for the remainder of her HS career. Advise student to bring to you — you return, along with note and request response from Wendy's confirming they've received returned prize. Or does this threaten their amateur status? They are wondering if local businesses or individuals can assist in paying some of or all of this fee. Does this threaten their amateur status? This has unsavory potentials; e. Do you really wish to promote local business being hit yet again for personal interests of this kind?

Help get kids a job. But the essence remains, 'no, not a violation out of hand. One of the items that is prohibited is "balls". So that I can clarify this to my committee members, is there a distinction between "balls" and "game balls" or is this a typo? Made to team for "tonight's victory," sometimes signed by all team mates and coaches.

Game balls awarded in this manner, are seen the same as trophy only more special. But nonetheless - a 'symbolic' award when given in this manner. Hitting closest to the pin or longest drive, I won a summer long supply of golf balls. Again, nothing symbolic in this. For making the winning basket, the local dealer gave me a brand new basketball of my own, just to shoot around with.

Is this legal? Red flags just went up when they told me. If the benefactor wished to 'gift' the school district and in turn you wished to issue shoes to your teams, you could do that. They then become school property issued just like shoulder pads and should be collected and reissued or collected and discarded following the season in accordance with school board policy. Also see Art. IV, Rules of Eligibility p. I would also recommend there be administrative discussion on the topic from a gender equity perspective — is there anyone who will provide the same for the girls? Can he give cash away to athletes as a prize?

We would not regard it as a "best practice" by any stretch, however.

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Am I correct to assume that the following is allowable and not an amateur status violation: A vendor wishes to provide a team discount to players if so many pairs of shoes are purchased by a team. In this case the school buys the shoes, pays the vendor and collects the money from the players that make the team. Otherwise any discount from the vendor would have to be available to any student in the school population.

Or better yet, every kid and teacher in school can show up in the cafeteria Thurs. In years past, schools used to provide basketball shoes to teams. As I understand the question — this is not that model. From that perspective then at least — the discount in the model IS performance based Would not advise could not support.

The only requirement would be that they were out for three sports the previous year. Can she accept the prize, a two-year lease of a car, or would that impact her high school eligibility this year? Would end her high school career. Our organization already has a working relationship with many of the shoe stores in southeastern Wisconsin so I don't believe it would take much convincing to get their participation.

The stores could collect the forms and "cash" them in through our organization. Am certainly open to other suggestions but I believe the heart of this program would need to be the coaches themselves because they would need to identify those in need and provide them with the necessary forms. It is not the course you've initially identified.

But an alternate path might deliver the results you hope to achieve, nonetheless. Always remember — these are the school's programs, not any one coaches. They are hosting a "Hometown Champions" night and are wondering if our athletes would participate. Athletes would be encouraged to wear their uniforms and school apparel to the game that night and would be announced on the field during pregame over the PA system.

All individuals affiliated with our championship winning teams would receive a discounted two for one ticket deal. It appears to me that this would violate WIAA rules of eligibility, since the athletes would be receiving a discount based upon athletic achievement. As per Bylaws p. When the business uses the students with two for one promotions to try to get business in the door, students are not able to take part in that.

Can the hospital donate the bottles to the school, and then the school distributes as they deem appropriate give to athletes only? Can the hospital donate the bottles to the booster club, who then donates to athletes?

Planet Hockey Camps

Or - 'every student who goes out for a sport' should receive a water bottle. For instance can we have a "Culvers Player of the Week? No gift or anything like that. As you describe - there would be no peril for student. So long as when we look and see the business, product, service is percent 'endorsing' student, team, school We are offering the program to all employees, so all students would be eligible for the same discount, whether an athlete or not.

If I could get something in writing either supporting or denying this proposal, it would greatly help. At least not if is as straight forward as described; i. My concern is that while we may be able to award a scholarship to a student coming into our school based on music or art or science interest, if we start to allow scholarships to be awarded based on interest in athletics, will that fall under the recruitment ruling?

Financial aid that has anything to do with athletic interests, potential, ability or performance - would render the student ineligible for their entire HS career and place your school in a status of severe non-compliance. We have had experience in this area where zealous booster members have caused great distress for members on occasion.

Would we run into a problem giving each recipient a 5x7 photo? Can you approve this, or would it violate the amateur standing rule and the rule regarding gifts? Q: We have a player that did not dress because of grades last nighty in our 1st tournament game. At mid term our code states they become eligible as soon as they correct the grade. At the end of the quarter or semester we follow the 1 week or 15 day scenario.

Can't find this in the book and want to make sure we follow procedure - I believe they are ineligible for the remainder of the tournament. Please confirm. Keep in mind that athletes who are ineligible during the WIAA tournament for any reason may not appear in uniform, participate in warm-ups, and may not participate in the awards ceremony at the WIAA tournament p. In this question and situation, the athlete may return when they become academically eligible. Always apply your code as written. Q: Just a quick question on 15 day ineligibility. I am sure I am right on this one, but I know the parent is going to be asking questions and I want to be prepared.

A wrestler's 15 day ineligibility ends today because it is the 15th day. He is not eligible for regionals tomorrow because it is not a scheduled school day correct?

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His eligibility would resume on Monday. A: You are correct. He becomes eligible on the 16th scheduled school day: Monday. The question that has been brought up is, what happens to the special ed students who try as they might, can't make this new GPA requirement. Is there anything that can be written in the IEP to allow them to participate in these activities and "outrank" the school policy?

Some have said that if it's written in the IEP than it should be followed. But, this really doesn't relate to FAPE does it? I don't know if others have experience with this and if there has been any court cases that have set a precedence for something like this. Your district may want to address the 2. It may be done either, individually, based on identified and specific needs in the IEP.

It may be done as broad policy. Either way, it ought to be "spelled out" keep in mind that if you put a different standard then 2. We would NOT set aside the "no F" component. We would not accept failure for a student. We designed the model for weekly or bi-weekly feedback from teachers. The student was responsible to initiate all contacts between teachers, AD and coaches. I understand that academic ineligibility stemming from a fourth quarter failing grade shall result in the lesser of 21 calendar days beginning with the date of earliest competition September 14 or one third of the maximum games allowed in a sport.

Is one third of the games allowed based solely on the varsity season schedule, or each schedule for each level? As an example, one third of the JV season is a different "date" for eligibility than one third of a varsity season. In turn, one third of the season in the JV red schedule is different than one third for the white schedule. Is it possible to have, five different dates of eligibility based on what one-third of a season is? Or is the one-third of the season based on the varsity schedule and, therefore, soccer has one "date" for eligibility.

Understood is the lesser of 21 days or one-third. In so far as JV and varsity, the max number of games that can be scheduled is the same for all sports, e. You are correct to adjust figure for frosh. The max they are allowed is Thus one third is 5. The family moved to Florida, while the wrestler moved to live and work with grandparents in Puerto Rico for one year.

The wrestler did not receive any education for the year. The wrestler returned to our school, established residency with parents, and plans to complete his senior year. Is the wrestler eligible to compete as a "fifth year senior" having only completed six semesters of education? The wrestler will turn 18 during the upcoming school year.

Not without a consecutive semester waiver. A student has the potential for up to eight consecutive semesters of eligibility beginning with grade nine. His consecutive semester "clock" or count begins when he began 9th grade. That he or the family chose to take a year off does not stop that count. In the most recent grade-reporting period.

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Grades go on transcripts at the end of each nine week term. But every three weeks we make available "progress reports. Now we have a new computer network grading program that does not allow these phrases to be used. For progress reports, we will have to give out actual letter grades now.

Our code of conduct refers to grades at the end of each nine week term - the progress reports had no impact on eligibility. May we continue to consider the most recent grade reporting period to be the ones that occur at every nine weeks? Your dilemma is not unique. For added awareness and clarification, you might find a way to document that: "Even though we are providing a letter grade at this time in this progress report, it's important to note that the final quarter grade could change and may rise or fall depending on work submitted between the time of this report and the end of the nine week grading term.

NOTE: Academic eligibility for all extra curricular activities shall be based on the actual nine week grade which is the grade that will appear on the student's permanent record of this term. This is just an idea. Bottom line, the "progress report" is not the "final" grade Does competition mean when practice starts, or when games start. I used the start of the season, and was questioned on it. We have the same wording in our code as the WIAA for fall sports.

Not the date practice may begin. See Handbook pgs. There is also a matrix for fall sport eligibility on the web and on p. Penalties for use of ineligible players is outline on p. A student this summer transferred from our school to School X and wants to play football. In looking at his academic record for last semester, he received two failing grades from us.

However, the student took two sessions of science in summer school at X High School and received a passing grade for both classes. The student failed both physical science and world cultures at our school. In looking at the bylaws it states a student may become eligible through summer school provided the courses made up are equivalent. The School X coach is asking me to determine whether or not the student would be eligible. How does one determine if the classes are equivalent in this case?

My feeling is that the student would be eligible at X. Please note I am not sure how the science classes compare. If he failed three classes he'd need to make up at least two, etc. That's the "equivalent" number of F's that made him not eligible. If you were a "No F" policy, then the equivalent is two classes made up Under no circumstance could a student erase multiple failures with less then the same number of classes completed in summer. Also, it has not been interpreted to mean that if the student failed geometry, they must re-take geometry in the summer or even another math class for that matter.

We are addressing number of failures and classes In your opinion, are these students eligible to compete in extra-curricular activities? You can find the added definition for full-time student on p. The student transferring to our school passed all of his classes for the second semester, but had failing grades for two of the classes in the fourth quarter.

Which grades take precedence for academic eligibility, the second semester grades or the fourth quarter grades? That's the school's "call". Our only stipulation is that whatever you use to determine academic eligibility it is the "standard" and is used all of the time and by all sport participants. Not using the quarter grades for "this student or team" and the semester grade for the other student or team. If there is a trend, it might be to look at the quarter grades for sport eligibility.

If eligibility is a "privilege" then some feel that maintaining that privilege is an earn as you go proposition, and that the quarter grade is the most accurate reflection of what the "student's doing now" in order to preserve the privilege of access to sport competition. In this situation the discussion revolves around whether to use semester grades or quarter grades, when a student is transferring, the "receiving school's" academic policy is applied regarding semester or quarter grade usage. But always apply the sending code for the determination of ineligibility.

If the sending school is one failing grade and one quarter of ineligibility while your code is two failing grades and 15 scheduled school days of ineligibility, use the sending school's one failing grade and one quarter of ineligibility. In cases where there is a code of conduct issue lingering, the sending school's code applies.

That's the code the student knew and "signed on to. They were members of a program and WIAA eligible. This year as juniors they returned and were not part of a program and, therefore, not WIAA eligible. If they return next year as seniors would they be eligible to participate?

I am reading the rule stating that after one year of ineligibility students become eligible if attendance is continuous. Handbook, p. See the Rules at a Glance. The WIAA recognizes a distinction between training and competing. Students must pay their own expenses, including transportation, to any nonschool out-of-season camps, clinics, or specialized training. Schools may pay expenses and provide transportation to similar in-season activities in that sport and during unrestricted contact days in the summer.

This may include transportation, food, lodging and entry fees. A school may not become involved financially, through transportation or any other way in a student's nonschool participation outside the sport season and the five Board of Control approved unrestricted contact days in the summer. BL — Art. II, RE — Art. IV and Art. VI Note: Funds kept in school activity accounts are considered school funds. The only time camps may be paid for athletes is during the five unrestricted contact days and it must be available to any and all interested students.

A: Coaches may not coach their athletes outside of the season. If your coaches work a non-school camp during the school year, their athletes could not work the same camp. Note, schools may not conduct camps during the school year out of season.