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Kids Activities Nightlife Harlem Globetrotters on Fri. March 27, at 7 p. March 28, at 2 p. Multiple Locations. Greensboro Symphony: Italian Inspirations on November 21 or I make a list with what I think I need to pay for each item to keep my ADD for knocking me off task , make a couple laps, then buy what I can find in the price range on my list - until I run out of cash. Charlotte Park Expo not on you list pretty much blows too. Have avoided it like the plague for years too. Went to Statesville once a few years ago, also not worth my drive.

Hickory, NC show sucks for reloading supplies most of the time. Charlotte Metrolina was awesome for reloading at the last show. I'll go with "E. Not on your list but Greensboro NC is worth going to. They only have 2 shows each year. The next one is in Aug. Roughly to tables. IMO, the dixie show from this past weekend is the only good one. Quote History. For the Charlotte show Metrolina Expo Dixie Gun and Knife , print out the coupon from promoter's website for discount on admission.

Private sales are few and far in between. A plus if shopping at Quantico , by mentioning your arfcom screen name, you'll get you a discount. Which Quantico has brought certain merchandise not normally present if you put in a request. Pineland is great for the M smoke lovers. He is your best bet for some of the older off the wall stuff no longer made. Usually there is Georgia Arms selling higher performance and small quantity to bulk ammo and the pmc,wolf,etc bulk ammo sellers. Reloading supplies are available pending the market but has a good selection. You'll find a few AR, Garand , ,etc type plastic divider case style parts sellers.

Along with a selection of retail priced uppers. Accessories range from cheap to high dollar. Prices are often retail or higher. Especially given we have 2 discount companies near us. This a large show expect a 1 hour to a 1. The facility is older and will suffer for temperatures. Handicap accessible , asphalt begins at the front gate for those in wheelchairs. Due to age bathrooms and water fountains are lacking but useable for disabled people one handicap stall per kinda deal.

You'll find vendors packing up 30 minutes before the close time 5pm on Sunday and some even pretty much are packed and out the door by the "warning of closing" announcement 15 minutes out. So if you go to church on Sunday and plan on going out after, don't expect the vendors to be held to that 5pm closing time. So the flea market aspect is reduced.

Most seem to be placed of to the side or filling in a small hole. Surplus military items selections are often lacking. You won't find a dog tag maker Facility has an ATM which may run out by Sunday but is refilled. Parking lot is patrolled by police on motor bikes and has their scissor-lift skybox aerial camera watch tower, which has cut down on break ins increased arrests but bothers some people for tag reading and facial recognition software aka Big Brother Police presence is there in a good way.

Overall worth driving to for about the 90 minute range for selection and hands on, especially if you don't have the options locally. Which you'll want to avoid if there is a race or major concert. Check the promoter's website for coupon for discount admission. Parking is on a fully paved lot. Handicap spaces are often taken up by dealers, you can see their names on the outside of the vehicle. They could pull up when the show is done but hog the space from people the whole two days instead.

The dealers are different vendors from the Charlotte show for a decent percentage. Prices are retail and up. Due to the smaller space you have less dealers and less competition. Bulk ammo vendors can be hit or miss for being there at all.

Greensboro gun show coupon

Although the selection will be small. The aisles are wider for people to look both sides and traffic to pass in between both directions. Concord is a nicer experience but lacks the selection of the Charlotte show due to size. Which also is more of gamble for the bigger vendors going to larger shows elsewhere, so check what is going on around the state and across the border if close. Vendors that would drive in instead drive the same distance elsewhere.

The dealers tend to label and price their items so you can see them more clearly, than the Charlotte show's tables. Packing up early is a problem but not as blatant or as early as the Charlotte show. The facility is newer so that translates into better heating and air conditioning, bigger and cleaner bathrooms.

The facility is very handicap accessible in most aspects. Has an ATM outside that often is out by Sunday unknown fee level but expect a hit. Venue food and beverage is open. If it is more than a 30 minute drive than I would say pass and wait for the Metrolina Expo gun show. Concord is the little show that could Even closer by is the same option of going to Concord Mills major mall and a Bass Pro Shop with a huge fish tank and an archery range..

Although if there is a NASCAR race or major concert you'll want to avoid the entire area unless timing works out for pre and post traffic. Harrisburg is known for speed enforcement, so if coming in from the west drive the speed limit or below, unless you want a VIP ticket price Things to remember for everywhere, prices often include the FFL fee, tax may be included or added on to price so ask and remember local taxes varies and save the shipping fee especially hazmat which is off set by the door cover.

If you want to run a price check on your smart phone, you'll have to step outside. SC, USA. Its as big and good as the Metrolina Shows and its all under one roof with wide isles. There are some neat historical displays there too. Then visit the PSA store afterwards. I usually frequent the Asheville show and have a table there occasionally. Good free parking, deals can still be had on many things. I see lots of hunting guns and lots of AR type stuff.

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Some military surplus but it seems to be more private tables than some of the other shows. I like All of the asheville shows as they are about the same but different enough to drop by. Milsurp ammo and acoutriments is what you'll find in Hickory. I like that show occasionally. The Farrow store is small but is worth stopping at if you're driving down The Fernandina store is larger and has an indoor range.

Nearby the Fernandina store is a Sportsman's Warehouse and an Academy Sports, each has a decent sized selection of firearms and related stuff. Online pickup is only available at the Farrow Rd store. On the PSA website it says Saturday pickup is available "by special arrangement". On the door to the store and on the wall it says they don't offer Saturday pickup.

My experience is if you call on Friday they'll put you on "the list" and let you pickup on Saturday. The manager explained they pull all the Saturday pickup items at once to avoid sending someone to the warehouse because there are less salesmen. PSA charges shipping and sales tax for pickup orders. Shipping should be refunded a few days after you pick up an order. To order for in store pickup just put down the Farrow Rd store as your shipping address. The address is on the PSA website.

Anyone make the Winston Salem Show last weekend and want to give a write up a go? Anyone Up in the Appalachian tip of the state going? So there is no guessing by the promoters name here. While I've always wondered about what the selection was like but with a 3hr drive one way it is bit much for a gamble to see. I may have to do a hotel room Saturday night for Sunday attendance just for the time scheduling and stress factors.

Depending on show size and for the sake of time not being rushed I would hope their are some good attractions being near the base but then again how may places jack price for the people trapped to small area? I miss the good ol' days of us having the one Carolina forum. Being near the top of hometown was a nice perk also. Seconding the greensboro gun show, it is quite large and a pretty impressive affair in terms of turnout most years. I normally find good deals on reloading supplies and sometimes odds and ends.

Would recommend against anything sponsored by "Gem Capitol" gunshows As in, advertised on a billboard for well over a month then had 8 tables terrible It ether that name or one close that pops up every 5 or so years burns everyone then disappears only to return and repeat. I'm sure I'm forgetting several other flyby night scammers. We usually at least can peer in through the doorway for the really small bad ones. As much as i want new options and more shows, their are people that burning the ground so bad no one wants to take a risk. I know we can support more shows more often if the prices are decent and not panic gouging crap with flea vendors.

It's not as simple as "Hey I have barn lets put on a show I've been atleast times. There is usually some pretty darn good deals on ammo of all kinds except this past show which was about 2 weeks ago, there wasn't one of the usual ammo venders, some politician had his usual booth so maybe next show the ammo will be there. There are some "deals" here and there on guns and parts, but nothing that you can't find elsewhere or that hold a wow factor. Im from Tennessee and been to Bill Goodmans Gun and knife show in nashville a few times, its HUGE, if theres something you want, chances are it'll be there.

Why you staring at me? I didn't do it. Georgia Arms and several other dealers had discounts on Sunday. Which the normal bulk pallet skid ammo guys were not there, so the mark down in prices in ammo is good sign. I know of no other dealer that kicks a little extra back to us for just being here and shopping with them. Crowds were pretty thin on Sunday from pm to closing. Word was the weekend was very light. I think there was a car show happening also but am not sure about other events drawing people away.

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Same problem of dealers packing up their displays by 45 minutes before the show ends and loosing out on sales. By 30 minutes to closing many are completely gone from the building. If you wait until the end to buy heavy items or ones you have to hike out to your car, you will often get screwed. Show's Staff management personal does not have an issue with this on going problem.

The ones who stay to the end always are doing business with multiple people at closing times. Which is frustrating since to go through the entire show then go back and make all the purchases can put you close to end especially if people have to drive to the show any distance or go to church beforehand on Sundays. Please keep the show reports coming. So we can track patterns and form a good base for reviews of shows with promoters at venue. Since any show can vary greatly by whether or not certain vendors show.

Who can change the amount of merchandise, type of items and discounts. Or perhaps a must eat recommendation. Although nether are close by to venue sadly. Mainly wanting to know if the ammo folks that have it by pallets stacks style were there. I go to the shows in Hickory a lot just because they're a little over any hour away from me.

There's really nothing special there it's just we don't have a gun store up here so I just go to look around and sometimes pick up some ammo and a little odds and ends.

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I enjoy the Charlotte Metrolina show. It's a large show, Quantico Tactical is always there with some good deals. You can usually find good deals through out the show. Felt like I should have gotten my admission fee back it was awful. Spent less than 20 minutes in there and saw everything twice. Noticed you didn't list any of the Ashe County shows. Cooley "We can be friends or I can kick your ass, you decide" R.

Originally Posted By Soconmtneer: I go to the shows in Hickory a lot just because they're a little over any hour away from me. View Quote View All Quotes. A couple of dealers were vague about it being a very very weird and then not wanting to explain more.. A couple ffl dealers that know me were talking about being harassed over counterfeits when they had real items and the objects being seized. Even had paperwork to prove it the confiscation, which was from the office of the Secretary of the State.

Anyone knows what up? Some said is was harassment to encourage them to start getting out and expected worse with elections coming. Which matches random reports match of what I have been hearing piece meal from different area over the past few months. If you're in the line of fire I understand and hold no ill will on silence, but the police and constant helicopter flying back and forth over the parking lot was weird I'll write a better show report later and still need to sum up the last concord change.

The bulk pallet ammo guys were absent again but G. A has their reloaded deals. The show itself wasn't that bad. The security to get in is getting close to harassment. Metal detectors at a gun show! I don't think hand held metal detectors should make contact with bodies. They want to make sure people aren't carrying guns into a gun show but you can bring a gun in so why even check? You can even buy guns and bullets in there.

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Note all dates in this reply are old shows moved here for a record of where the show was , who the promoter was to help match up the dated comments since some locations have different show promoters using the same space. Odd show and not knowing anything about airguns, was wondering if anyone in the sport went or heard details.

As of the Feb 21st-Feb22nd show news. Always feast or famine. Lots of deals with no money ,or lots of money but no deals Although if prepping is your thing and you want to pay to take class on sutures and using the stapler for wounds then this is your show. Show summed as an outddor prepper show with guns for and parts for sale but not really a gun show for amount of dealers. See the thread from SC hometown forum linked above.

With links to threads to other posts to show reports. Thanks for the great feedback guys! Ok I think I have all shows i could find and all the venue changes noted in the list. I can't wait to hear the scuttlebutt on the reasons why. So we need new show reports and for which vendors went where especially on the weekend where both shows are active on the same weekend. I hope both are big but figure the vendors are going to choose one or the other and roll the dice. I noticed more shows but with this election everyone is expecting another madhouse again. So who has what stock and prices will help everyone.

NC has a big surge of shows but SC didn't which just feels weird. So happy deal hunting and please let us know show conditions especially if you're there early or mid day. Help motivate people to buy more guns and accessories. No, my name isn't actually Waylon. Metrolina Expo has been sold.

Apparently the whole place is going to get leveled and be apartments or a multi-use development. VA, USA. A concern some had about the venue. Dixie says there will never be a parking charge, can't wait to see how that works with the Christmas show For the first show and the change of venue the information is likely to change. I will do my best to be there Sunday as well. Plus add more details since I only had so much time and with vendors moved around, having to hunt for the usual people to take care of regular purchases was a game of hide and seek.

Kinda wished some had made a report thread from earlier in the day. Attendance was light. I expect many thought it was at expo and left confused and or didn't go from previous bad tastes in their month from shows in the past at this location. Another friend was planning on coming back on sunday also. There were plenty of dealers and with more room. The aisles were a little wider and generally you didn't feel squeezed in like at the metro even when people bunched up.

Prices are following the slight quiet panic climb. Ammo dealers were there and the bulk ammo was of course in lower amounts due to the up coming planning to horde and gouge for the elections. Although prices are fair and what you find roughly online with shipping. No full body cavity searches crap like at the last Metrolina. There were the hydraulic sky-towers watching the parking lot. No dirt-bikes patrols or police cars riding around from what I saw. For the record I support snipers on the roof for thieves breaking into cars, if only people could volunteer for that community service.

It was in a sealed bag deal from what I overhead. Then inside to a camping style trailer where you paid admission and got your ticket. Then to the ticket taker and in. No wands and just an officer making sure people did have weapons electrical tied out of service since the trailer wasn't as obvious.

They still have it away from the door to not create a traffic jam and keep the idiots who can take a crowd out from simply unshouldering a slung rifle, Like they are Neagan with Lucile in a field of zombies Walking Dead Comic Reference, you might get to see the character in late season 6 or 7 on tv without trying. So the off to a side thing is a good thing, I've dodge enough butt-strokes from the unaware of their environment.

Bad news They didn't ask if it was a venue or the promoter influenced by their insurance company All firearms not just the NC rules of pistols and needing permits for sales. So remember those people when shopping. The change should have been mentioned more than just over the show's PA.

So this may very well kill the small group of friends of having a table selling their old firearms and accessories build up. At least at Dixie Gun and Knife Shows. The deals, I got them and some surprised me to get.


Bless the fool who sat the item down and decided to think about it. By the sounds of it it will be rough summer and fall for us ether way for prices and availability. So much for having a cheap rifle and cheap surplus to enjoy. Due to the new layout, it is not as easy to work row after row in a systematic order, therefore I missed a good section from hunting the dealers I always buy from. Also looking at the different dealers prevented me from making it all they way through to the back of the hall and giving it a good second detailed walk through looking for things you missed the first time.

So things have changed up some from the Metrolina Expo. Overall opinion good minus the personal sales B. Expect just as much but the newer building will force newer polices that might alienate us. Although Dixie Gun and Knife Show is limited for places in Charlotte to book a clean safe and organized gun show at. We don't need to wander from hotel ballrooms to hotel ballrooms with booths in the lobby type environment.

So maybe the new show's home will relax some rules when they grasp it is not going to be the O. Coral which wasn't that violent compared to Chicago I didn't order any food, so someone else will have to rate the venues chicken fingers and french fries. Hope the gods will smile and I'll make it earlier Sunday.

Since I need to square away a mix up that happened. Because a wrong caliber mag could turn into owning a few pistols in that caliber then stocking that ammo. The madness has to be stopped before it can spread and wreck my wallet. With links provided for verification of schedule. Leaving the other show Dixie's on the previous weekend as not to compete and split vendors and crowds. The Dixie Show at the Park expo is now happening 1 week later.