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Mophie Juice Pack Helium for iPhone 5 Review

He is passionate about wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life. Related Articles. Not everyone loves cases, no matter how slim they do add some bulk to the device. But why should case lovers have all the Mophie says the Helium will get you 80 percent more battery life from your iPhone 5, or roughly an additional six hours of talk time before you need to plug it in.

Case or no case?

In my tests, the Helium was able to recharge the iPhone from zero to about 66 percent full before running out of juice. Similarly, Mophie claims that the Air case will net percent more battery life, or an additional eight hours of talk time. As with the Helium, my tests with the Air didn't quite match Mophie's claims — a full charge from zero brought the iPhone to about 80 percent full — but it kept me off an outlet the entire day, and even into the next day if I played my cards right.

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Both cases suffer from the same drawbacks: the way you slide the phone into the case can leave marks and scuffs on the iPhone and sure enough, I noticed some blemishes on my black iPhone 5 after using them , and the two halves of the cases can be really hard to separate, making it a pain to take the phone in and out of the case. That wouldn't be so much of a problem, except that the Juice Packs' micro-USB ports don't allow for syncing or data transfer — they just charge the battery.

That means whenever you need to sync your phone with your computer over USB, or if you tether your iPhone over USB which I do often , you have to pry the case off the phone. Also, because the headphone jack is located on the bottom of the iPhone 5, the cutaway to access it through the Juice Packs is pretty deep. Mophie provides an extender with the cases to enable headphone cables to reach the deeply recessed port, but I didn't have any trouble using the case with a number of headsets and no extender, including Apple's EarPods.

Its flagship Juice Packs bulk up the size of an iPhone , Samsung Galaxy or HTC One while providing up to twice the battery life, while the Powerstation range offers a universal charger for those who don't need a phone-specific case. All of the hardware shares the downside that extra battery packs are bulky and heavy, but if you can put up with that trade-off, it can be a lifesaver. In essence, it's a very chunky case for your iPhone 5 or 5S.

mophie Cell Phone Cases for iPhone 5 for sale | eBay

As you slide the phone in, a lightning connector plugs into the socket, connecting it to the power and storage, while a micro-USB slot underneath takes over external charging and syncing duties. As a case, it's good enough, though there's no doubting which out of Apple and Mophie has the world-class industrial designers. If you're used to carrying your phone with no case, you'll soon start pining for the sleek finish of a naked iPhone.

A wide aperture allows the camera lens and flash to poke through the back, while pass-through buttons handle the volume, mute and power switches. All work well, which is more than can be said for the headphone jack: situated at the bottom of the phone, the case creates a long tunnel between the port and the outside world.

Short Version

That's fine if your headphones have a thin, straight plug, but if it's a bit chunkier, or has a right-angle turn, you'll have to use the included ungainly adapter instead. It's reminiscent of the first generation iPhone, which had a thin headphone port that could only take Apple headphones. That was fixed by the following year's iPhone 3G, so it's a shame to see an accessory maker fall into the same trap. Beyond that, whether the design of the Space Pack works for you is ultimately down to personal preference.

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Having used it for two weeks, I've fallen into a pattern: charge the Space Pack overnight with my phone in it, use a different, slender case throughout the day while carrying the Pack in my bag, and then slot the phone in if it starts to run out of power before the end of the day. The problem is that if your phone isn't running low on power, the Space Pack is just too bulky to comfortably carry in a pocket. That means I ended up carrying two cases around, and using the Space Pack as though it were one of Mophie's cheaper, more powerful, Powerstation battery packs. Those are simply small power bricks that plug into any USB-powered device to charge them.