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With lastminute. You can also discover many places of rustic beauty when you walk around the island and take advantage of the beaches lining Capri. Not to be missed either are the Gardens of Augustus, a little piece of paradise designed by the great Roman emperor.

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You can also reach the Marina Grande from Capri, thanks to one of the most picturesque funiculars. Capri is mainly known for its natural heritage, its beaches and cliffs, but the island has also been a well-known resort since Roman times, and there are still some traces of this glorious past that you can take in on a trip here. Another must-see is the Villa San Michele, built right at the start of the 20th century.

The island has some of the most amazing sights around. For a gentle but nonetheless sophisticated way to kick off you holiday to Capri, a full island boat tour is a must.

The coastline is incredible, with little caves and bays right around the perimeter. The boat tours are also a fantastic way to get started on your tan!

The tours will take you to one of the best-known spots on the island: Blue Grotto, known to locals as Grotta Azzurra. The effect is really something, and is well worth the trip. For other ways to spend your days, visit the southern part of the island for the popular Marria Piccola, a beautiful beach that is the best place to sunbathe and relax.

Capri Town is the bustling heart of the island, crammed with winding streets, relaxed squares and a diverse range of shops. The nights in Capri are long, lively and warm. At the centre of the island, Capri Town is where to start a night out. The famous Piazzetta is a stunning alfresco salon that is perfect for sitting back and sipping a cocktail.

Just watch your stilettos on the cobblestone streets! There are plenty of excursions and daytrips to keep the kids happy on a family holiday to Capri.

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The beach at Marina Grande is also where the local kids learn to swim, and the public beach area has calm shallow waters that are sheltered from the wind. Alternatively, there is a boatload of seafaring tours around the island, and kids will love the opportunity to take to the open water, while parents can appreciate the stunning beauty of the island from beyond the coast. There are lots of places to hire boats for excursions around the coast into the coves of this beautiful island. Discover the stunning aesthetic of the Blue Grotto, and light your sense of adventure when you enter through the narrow cave opening on a wooden rowing boat, on your back.

Test your strength by climbing the Phoenican Steps, a monumental steps from Marina Grande to Anacapri, or hire a guide to take you along a hiking trail, through the scenic overlooks and island wildlife. Take to the skies with a helitour around the island, which will also take you out to Pompeii , or hire a scooter and get around the island that way.

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Get some spectacular shots of the island from the Augustus Gardens, and climb the winding stone path set into the mountainside, adorned with colourful hanging blooms. Capri is home to many free public beaches and exclusive beach clubs, allowing you to tailor your beachside experience.

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Due to the rocky nature of the island, most of the beaches are small stretches of pebble or wooden platforms built between land and sea, but there are still plenty of beachside activities. The beaches at the Marina Grande are the most spacious on the island, with perfect crystal waters and a free beach located near the ferry ticket offices. There are plenty of spots along the Piazzeta for an evening drink to get you in the mood, and the Al Piccolo bar is popular among Italian fashionable society and a great little spot to enjoy a sundown cocktail.

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They are places where you can expect to meet and mingle with the locals, and you can listen to live music and dance along to traditional Neapolitan songs. A favourite hangout of celebrities and dignitaries, the taverne puts on live shows of Neopolitan music and encourages even the most reserved characters to engage in a little dancing. You can find your ideal couples getaway on a holiday to Capri, as the island is geared mostly towards adults and there are some fabulously luxurious options available.

Get in the romantic mood with a sunset tour along the coast of Capri, departing from Marina Grande and sailing leisurely round the coast to Faraglioni, giving you the opportunity to savour the dramatic coastline of the island silhouetted against the golden sky. Take an intimate trip to the Blue Grotto, where the entrance is only large enough for a small wooden rowing boat to enter, and where the azure waters sparkle with silver reflections. Check into the Capri Palace Hotel and Spa, and enjoy some world-renowned state-of-the-art treatments.

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Capri has a rich cultural heritage, having been inhabited by the likes of the Romans, Greeks, Saracens, Normans and Spanish. Artists, intellectuals, writers, exiles and eccentrics from all over the world have chosen to make Capri their permanent residence. The Casa Rosa, named for its brightly coloured walls, was built between and by American colonel, J.